Wedshed, Marriage Equality and Your Wedding – Three of My Favourite Things

How to express your views on marriage equality at your wedding

Need a helping hand here? We partnered with All We Need Is Love – Victoria Eustace, Wedding Celebrant to suggest a few ways to show your support for same-sex marriage at your wedding.

Posted by Wedshed on Thursday, 1 June 2017

I am lucky enough to have found a community of professionals to surround myself with that are a source of inspiration and motivation, daily.  This community is made up of my fellow celebs, photographers, florists, stylists, makeup artists and what I like to call “wedding day curators” such as Mel and Amy from WedShed.

These ladies have not only incredible business savvy and impeccable taste, they also happen to be passionate supporters of Marriage Equality here in Australia.  If you’re reading this you most probably know I am too!  That is why, when they asked me if I’d like to contribute some thoughts on how you can tactfully incorporate your views on (the lack of) equality in this country within your wedding, while still wholeheartedly celebrating love, I jumped at the chance.  Well, I jumped at the chance and then took my sweet time putting the blog pieces together.  When considering inclusivity and making political statements on a day that has its history firmly based in tradition, during a particularly volatile time in our country’s narrative, you can’t be too careful when picking your words!

Amy and Mel have published both pieces on their website.  You can see the first here:

How To Express Your Views On Marriage Equality At Your Wedding

And the second here:

Three Simple Ways To Help Bring On Marriage Equality

Who knows when we will see all loving and consenting adults within a partnership as valid and equal in this country.  But until we do, if you want to do something to help make it happen sooner, you can.  I’m an advocate for maintaining religious freedom, freedom of speech and equality for all – I don’t believe any of those issues are mutually exclusive. However, all my LGBTIQ+ friends and family are in my thoughts daily while we debate their legal rights like we’re talking about what to have for dinner.

Love each other, listen carefully to anyone who has concerns as there is a lot of misinformation out there and take care of your nearest and dearest – we’ll get there Australia xx