Australia was the first country to identify that a non church wedding (ie a wedding ceremony performed by a non-clergy celebrant) could be as culturally enriching and as emotionally significant as a traditional church wedding.  I am fully authorised by the Australian Government to officiate marriage ceremonies under the Marriage Act 1961.


I will meet with you to make sure that I am the right fit for your celebration.  We will then uncover together what you truly want from your ceremony.

If stuck for ideas I will brainstorm with you until we create a vision that makes you happy.  If necessary you may borrow from my library of resources – I have books of poetry, song lyrics, pre-written ceremonies, ideas on how to incorporate a blended family, different religious traditions, nonreligious traditions, the list is extensive.

Once you know what you want from your ceremony I will do up a draft for you to check over.  You may make any changes you wish.  Once finalised we can then decide whether or not a rehearsal is needed.  In the majority of cases this is a very good idea, particularly if you have loved ones involved in the ceremony.

As far as legalities are concerned, when we first meet I will fill out the Notice Of Intended Marriage with you.  This must be filled out no longer than 18 months and no fewer than 1 calendar month prior to your wedding.

If born in Australia all I need in order to fill this out are the original copies of your birth certificates or your Australian issued passports.  If either have been married before than I will also need the original divorce/death certificate.

If you are not born in Australia then your overseas passport is required. In some cases I will require statutory declarations, depending on what proof of identity you have available. More in-depth info about what is required for the NOIM is available here.


The rest of the paperwork just requires your signatures and is very straight forward.  On the day of your wedding you will need 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to co-sign your Marriage Certificates.  I look after all the paperwork, including sending it off to Births, Deaths and Marriages.  I will also provide info on name changes etc post ceremony if required. Further information about the legal requirements of a marriage ceremony is available here.

The day of the ceremony I will provide, if required:

♥  A small, portable P.A system

♥  A signing table and 2 chairs

I have very understated accessories to go with the table and chairs so if you wish to decorate it further we can talk about that when planning the day.  I will arrive at the ceremony in plenty of time, and if there is some kind of horrible circumstance that prevents me from performing the ceremony I have a network of like-minded celebrants that I will be able to call upon on your behalf, you will never be left stranded.



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While we have a way to go when it comes to recognising that love is love regardless of sexual orientation here in Australia, a civil union is a beautiful way to celebrate your love for another in front of your nearest and dearest.  A civil union may not be recognised by law, but it is certainly recognised by myself, and everyone you choose to share it with.

A civil union can always be an option for a couple of the opposite sex too, if you are looking for a special way to commit to one another but don’t agree with the current Marriage Act.

You will receive the same level of service as a marriage ceremony, including meetings, a customised ceremony, rehearsal and commemorative certificate. A small, portable PA system and a signing table and chairs are available if required.



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Sometimes it’s easier to go it on your own.  Within reasonable circumstances I am very happy to provide you with an oppurtuntity to have a very small, intimate ceremony.  An elopement is still a legally registered wedding, and as such I still require the appropriate documents and paperwork, but there is no need to plan an elaborate ceremony when the legal wording is all you desire.  I can give you a choice of pre-prepared miniature ceremonies if you want.  But remember, even if you want it to be just you two, we still require 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to co-sign  at the ceremony.  For more info on what an elopement can entail please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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