How happy can one girl be handing out petals? This happy!! Pic by Across The Forest

My name is Victoria Eustace and I am a Commonwealth Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant, living in Sydney NSW.  I also happen to be pretty fun (so my mum says), and still kind of young, which puts me in the super lovely category of fun, young celebrants that are making themselves known around Australia.

I was born and bred in New Zealand and moved to Sydney over 15 years ago with the intention of travelling on in a year or so…damn you Sydney Harbour and the (generally) good weather!

After completing a diploma in make up design, I worked in the cosmetic industry for a decade, doing some freelance make up here and there and managing a variety of different teams during this time.

Then, while they were in Berlin being amazing, my best friends got engaged.  They got back to Australia, we had some beers one night and I decided that I would become qualified to marry them!

They still aren’t married – I am patiently waiting to wear a koala suit while hitching them in the middle of the Nullabor –  but I performed my first ceremony for two other friends and it was a overwhelmingly loving and fulfilling experience.  I officially caught the love bug.  So I chucked in the towel at my full time job and starting developing my celebrancy business.  I haven’t looked back.

Since my registration in late 2012 I have had the pleasure of officiating at a plethora of different weddings.  My little love business has introduced me to some of the loveliest, most diverse range of humans you are ever likely to meet.  Whether you are into an intimate ceremony on a balcony with 3 guests, or an epic ceremony on a cliff edge with 300 – no matter your style, the results are the same.  A moment in time that feels like nothing else in this world!  Which is why I am so passionate about making wedding ceremonies – as well as all other rites of passage – a real celebration of the people at their centre.  The world is your oyster! (…and I am your shucking knife?!…)

Whether you are getting married (with or without the paperwork), renewing your vows or celebrating a new addition to your family, I am super excited and very humbled to be given the opportunity to be a part of ceremony that is exactly how you imagined it. A ceremony that is personal, fun, heartfelt and like no one else’s.  Most importantly, a ceremony that will be forever remembered.

Any questions you may have, ranging from the legal aspects of a wedding ceremony to finding a good florist, I will do my best to answer. Along with my own knowledge I have a wealth of resources available, suited to all needs.

It’s important that you are comfortable with the person you choose as your celebrant as they are with you during a very significant time in your life.  I don’t take this lightly and neither should you.  I will always do my best to be the girl for you, but if I’m not that’s ok too!  So take a look around, and if you like what you see please contact me.  I’m available to talk over the phone throughout the week, or send me an email with your query and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

All we need is love!




As your celebrant I want your big day to truly be the happiest day of your life.  Here is an overview of what the process looks like:

♥ We meet, obligation free, to make sure I am the right fit for your day.  This can be in person or via Skype.  I am based in Sydney’s inner west.

♥ I work closely with you, helping you design the ceremony that will reflect who you are and the love that you feel. I ask questions, let you know all your options and summarise everything we talk about in an email so you are completely clear about the content and where we are up to in the process.

♥ Together we will complete all legal paperwork and talk through any questions you may have regarding this. I provide all forms for you, you need to provide appropriate ID (see more in LEGAL INFO)

♥ When it comes to writing your ceremony you can have as much or as little creative input as you like.  I come with a wealth of resources and take a genuine pleasure in the writing process.  I will also find out everything I need to know about you, the couple, to make your ceremony completely personalised. No two ceremonies are the same.

♥ You should feel comfortable talking to me and know that I will give you all the information that is required for you to be as accurately informed as possible.  I am up to date with regards to the Marriage Act, complete annual OPD and belong to Australia’s largest celebrant association, as such I have access to the most current legal and general celebrant related info around.  If, for some reason, I don’t know the answer to something I have super special celebrant access to the Attorney Generals Dept and Births, Deaths and Marriages, as well as up to date guidelines on the Act and a really switched on celebrant network.

♥ We will meet, email, talk over the phone and meet again until you are 100% satisfied that your ceremony is exactly how you want it.  I will then facilitate the ceremony for you on the day, take care of all legal paper work that gets sent to Births, Deaths and Marriages and apply for your Registered Marriage Certificate for you.  I lodge everything via NSW BDM’s online system so it is fast and efficient.