On your wedding day (or any other special occasion for that matter) you really want the person entrusted with capturing the day to be talented, fun to be around (because you are with them for a good few hours at least), easy to communicate with, able to work around you rather than getting in the way or spending too long setting up “candid” shots, able to control the masses and coordinate the ever elusive amazing group photo, know when “golden hour” is at the drop of a hat, calm, rational, did I say talented?  The list goes on.

Never fear!  I have worked with so many photographers that I am able to give you a nice and comprehensive list of those I think are tops.  They check all the boxes in the above list and more.  They may not be the cheapest, but a photographer can make or break your day – and your memories of it – so they need to be the best.   So, without further ado my top picks for your happy snappers are, in no particular order…

Elise Hassey:

Joseph Sarkodie:

Jack Chauvel:

Studio Something:

Jo Bartholomew:

Tim Coulson:

Anna Turner:

Samantha Heather:

Shane Shepherd:

Justin Aaron

Tessa – Breathing Light

Ben Sowry