HOW TO GET MARRIED (by me, Victoria)


  1. We meet, obligation free.  You need to like me!  We also talk through all the legals and make sure that you are clear on the process and how I can help you have the day you want, not think you need.
  2. When you book me I send through all relevant resources, invoice, service agreement and my “Love Quiz”.  This is a questionnaire  that helps me customise each ceremony to the particular couple I am working with. I can’t stress enough that no two ceremonies I do are the same – if it ain’t personal it ain’t worth doing!
  3. We then get the Notice Of Intended Marriage submitted.  This is the first form in the legal process and is essentially a stat dec that states who you are, where you were born and your current married status.  This needs to be submitted no later than 1 month and no earlier than 18 months before your wedding date.
  4. Once I get your homework back (it’s fun, I promise) I then write up your draft ceremony for you to check over.  I’ve pretty much got a 100% success rate for nailing it first go, but there are occasionally little things in it you might like to tweak.  Everything is flexible outside of the minimum legal wording.  I must say a paragraph called the monitum, you must say your legally binding vows. I walk you through all this when we meet, don’t worry.
  5. Once you are satisfied I finalise the ceremony for you and then it’s a count down to the big day!
  6. We have to sign another form called the Declaration of No Legal Impediment (it’s all very official).  This needs to be signed as close to the ceremony as possible but not within in it.
  7. The rest of the forms – TWO official certificates of marriage and ONE decorative – are then signed on the day by the two of you, myself and two witnesses over the age of 18.  You can choose one each.
  8. On the day I arrive at least 45 mins early so I can help set up, do a sound check, make sure everything is A-Ok.  Your ceremony starts, it’s amazing, it’s over before you realise and you are having a awesome time with your loved ones before you know it!  I quietly slip away once I’ve given you some hugs and made sure you have your decorative marriage certificate somewhere safe.
  9. After the ceremony I register your marriage online and apply for your Registered Marriage Certificate.  This is the certificate that says everything has happened as it should and I have done my job properly (i.e. got you linked up for life).  It is also the certificate you use to change your name on all your ID, if you choose to do so.

NB: I include a site visit/rehearsal* as part my service to you.  I call it a site visit more often than not because most people are happy for it to be fairly organic on the day.  As long as you know where you are walking to and where you are standing, I can manage everything else that goes on around you. However, if you have a million readers or your support crews are made up of everyone you care about in the world ever, then a proper rehearsal is definitely on the cards.

*Travel fees may apply if your venue is outside of my no travel fee zone, this is all discussed when we make contact.  This is also a great opportunity to sign the Declaration mentioned above.


♥  If you were born in Australia I need to sight and record the registration number of your birth certificates OR your Australian issued passports.  I do not need to see both.  If I am sighting your birth certificate I will also need accompanying photo ID such as a drivers license or proof of age card. Original birth certificates only please – no certified copies.

♥  If either of you have been married before than I will also need to sight the original divorce certificate or official death certificate of your deceased spouse.

♥  If you were not born in Australia then your overseas passport is required. You can of course show me your birth certificate if you prefer but it needs to be translated into english and certified as a true copy.  Photo ID would then be required also.

♥  In some cases I will require statutory declarations, depending on what proof of identity you have available. More in-depth info about what is required for the NOIM is available here.

Further information about the legal requirements of a marriage ceremony is available here.

On the day of the ceremony I will provide, if required:

♥  A small, portable MiPro P.A system.  Powerful and compact, battery operated.

♥  A signing table and 2 chairs.  Plain white.

If there is some kind of horrible circumstance that prevents me from performing the ceremony I have a network of like-minded celebrants that I will be able to call upon on your behalf, you will never be left stranded.