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We feel as if every couple should know that this is the celebrant you want! Victoria is so warm, genuine and caring. It was a huge, HUGE relief for us to find her after meeting a few celebrants who we just could not connect with.
We knew immediately Victoria was the one for us, which really surprised us as this was the part of the wedding we were most critical about. Throughout the process Victoria was positive, always easy to contact, eager to understand us to offer us the most personalised ceremony, professional yet so friendly and best of all she was genuinely happy to see us in love. She made the process fun and exciting, it was never a chore to work out parts of the wedding with Victoria. We got so much great feedback from the ceremony, many guests from the youngest to the eldest had commented that they had loved the ceremony. We were delighted to see guests be so moved as to have many a laugh and shed a tear with us during it. One guest went so far as to say that in the multiple ceremonies she had been to it was the first to make her cry she was so moved! We personally loved it and thought it was so perfect. Thanks Victoria, you were perfect, whoever has you as their celebrant next is one lucky couple! All our love and best for the future
Kim and Joe

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