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In August 2014 I had the pleasure and privilege of marrying two wonderful, funny, good looking people – Monique and Justin.

Monique’s mission in life is to make their cat, Opie, internet famous.  I fully support that mission, and so would like to share some photos from their wedding day with you.

Their shoot was a great combo of classic and hilarious, Monique was a total vintage babe, Justin classically dapper.  They were married in the awesome art deco Arthouse Hotel in Sydney’s CBD, and they have great taste in sweet treats.
They also love Dr Who.  Winning!!

Photos by T-One Image.

m and opie m vintage m and opie 2

v and m and j laughing 2 thumbs upring struggle

mona lisa

cheese cart cheese cart funny2 cheese cart funny 2

dessert table

dessert table funnycake opie dr who 2