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Marco was first introduced to Victoria through a work colleague who highly recommended her unique skills in crafting a beautiful wedding ceremony. When Marco informed me (Vanessa) he had found the right wedding celebrant for us and how he described Victoria I was immediately imagining a very warm, open and optimistic wedding celebrant that she truly is.  Even when I was still overseas she helped us get through our application for our Prospective Marriage Visa so from day one she was there…and through the course of making decisions of our wedding ceremony Victoria was really encouraging, attentive and helpful with all the queries, demands and dealings with all aspects of the event.  Meeting Victoria for the first time was magic for me and Marco because with her coaxing we’ve opened up our lovestory and it reminded both of us why we’ve decided to get married and how much we love each other.  Having Victoria was really having the right person to join us in matrimony for she embodies the “ALL WE NEED IS LOVE”
Marco and Vanessa

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